Site Acquisition

Branch Communications takes a tiered approach to site acquisition in order to minimize costs and maximize efficiency.

Collocation and domestic carrier growth continues at a rapid pace. Data growth for carriers, combined with the race to LTE deployment, create a greater need for streamlined, timely network deployments. Many rooftop managers, non-wireless property owners and small tower owners do not have the time or expertise to successfully negotiate arrangements with carriers.

Branch Comm provides its clients with the skill set to negotiate strategic agreements that maximize the value to our clients and help them deploy networks more rapidly with IN PERSON, IN MARKET, and FACE-TO-FACE negotiations. We are conscientious of todays build costs and know the regulatory hurdles ahead of time to enable our clients to focus on their core business.

Our team can manage the entire ground, tower and amendment leasing process, including:

• Due Diligence Review
• Lease and/or Amendment Negotiations
• Site-Walk Coordination – NO DESKTOP REVIEWS
• Structural Analysis
• Zoning and Permitting
• Construction Management

Branch Comm drives value with an aggressive, streamlined process. Our team will work directly with the carrier to improve cycle time and resolve any specific operational needs.