Branch Communications can solve your distance learning connectivity issues!

Branch Connect delivers turn-key solutions for your unique infrastructure projects such as Outdoor DAS, Indoor DAS, Small Cell Sighting, CBRS and Private LTE. Private LTE is a network that is created for the enterprise like a factory, school, or fire department. The enterprise decides where the coverage will be and provides access to only those authorized users of that network. The Enterprise can prioritize the devices on the network for seamless data connections for critical IoT devices. With the FCC’s recent ruling on CBRS spectrum, Private LTE can transform your communications and connect you and your teams like never before. Branch Connect develops a Private LTE managed network for any location using Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) spectrum.

*****COVID-19 has made connectivity more critical than ever as schools continue to expand and embrace distance learning. Branch’s unique solutions can help expand your school’s network into the neighborhoods and areas you need most.

If you build it, they will learn: Why some schools are investing in cell towers

Towers as tall as 150 feet are popping up to beam internet service from schools to surrounding neighborhoods during the pandemic, and maybe long term.

CBRS—5G Foundation

The Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) is a new shared-spectrum scheme being introduced in the U.S. at 3.5 GHz. It operates in three tiers: Incumbent, Priority Access License (PAL), and General Authorized Access (GAA).

CBRS enables business entities to deploy private LTE networks and benefit from the security and reliability that LTE provides.

The Private LTE network supplements Wi-Fi 6 [c] systems for demanding applications, offloading bandwidth from the Wi-Fi 6 [c] and allowing both the Wi-Fi 6 [c] and those applications to function efficiently.

1. Incumbent Systems
2. Licensed/Priority Access
3. General Authorized Access

CBRS—5G Foundation

Indoor + Outdoor


• In-store customer journey data
• Real-time POS data


• Unique, centrally coordinated channels
• Reserved, dedicated spectrum


• End-to-end network control
• Proven SIM_based security model

Secondary Revenue Opportunities

• Push in-store customer coupons
• Third party banner advertising


• Zero user interaction
• Cellular-like mobility with seamless hand-offs and session continuity

Improved Internal Operations

• Simplified and flexible communications
• Data analytics and integration

Strong Carrier Relationships
leverage carrier interest and participation.
Technical Expertise
bridges the chasm between technology and application.
Turn-key Capabilities
allow complete service: design thru install.
Strategic Vendor Partnerships
drive and deliver the right solution.
20+ Years Experience
serving the wireless telecommunications industry.

CBRS Applications

  • POS
  • Security Cameras
  • Incident Response
  • Team Communications
  • Monitor and Capture User Data
  • Wireless Network Redundancy
  • Push to Talk Communications
  • Control Remote Devices
  • Track Portable Equipment
  • Mobile Audio
  • Video Conferencing
  • IOT
  • Replace Wired Network
  • Interactive Screens
  • High-Volume Data Transfer