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Branch Communications drives value with an aggressive marketing plan and streamlined application process

We offer:

Tower Portfolio

Branch Comm has a team of professionals that works across the country with customers on their collocation needs. Branch Comm endeavors to provide turnkey solutions to its customers and deliver results.


Branch Comm has years of experience leveraging rooftop space for wireless communications. Branch Comm assumes the cost and risk associated with marketing and managing your property and works to secure carriers for collocation, while you enjoy the benefits of incremental revenue.


Increasingly, wireless carriers are taking advantage of the regular spacing of outdoor advertising structures to extend the reach of their networks. We are collocation friendly, and less zoning delays help ensure quicker deployment, thus adding an additional revenue source to your billboard portfolio.


Branch Comm has nearly a decade of experience in the cell site lease arena and is ready to put that expertise to your advantage. Branch Comm will work closely with you and your team to thoroughly evaluate any cell tower proposal by conducting all the necessary assessments and valuations.


Branch Comm assists municipalities with the challenging task of siting cell towers and rooftop cellular antenna sites. Branch Comm’s experience allows it to assist carriers in streamlining the leasing, zoning and construction of municipal cellular communication towers.